Erie is one of the Premier Metal Roofing Contractors in Pittsburgh, PA

Roofing Contractors Pittsburgh PAThere are lots of roofing contractors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Why choose Erie Construction?

First, Erie Construction specializes in the installation of metal roofing shingles, investment-grade stamped steel that will protect your home better than any other type of roofing material on the market. Our metal shingles are Class A fire resistant, Class 4 impact resistant, and practically indestructible. Other roofing contractors in Pittsburgh typically only install shingles that are made of asphalt-impregnated paper and ceramic granules, which don’t provide nearly the same level of protection.

Second, we offer a style of shingle that is incredibly cost effective. An Erie metal roof is an investment that you can rely on to protect your home for as long as half a century. Instead of having to buy a new roof every 15-20 years, with a metal roof, you can save serious money by potentially not having to install another one ever again.

Third, Erie Construction is unlike many other roofing contractors in Pittsburgh in that we back our roof installations with a Lifetime Limited Transferable Warranty that covers ours shingles against manufacturing defect for the lifetime of the roof. We also warrant that our shingles will not crack, break, burn, curl, or split. This level of protection often adds substantially to the resale value of a home and can even lead to a reduction in homeowners insurance premiums.

For more information, please contact Erie Construction, a metal roofing specialist and one of the premier roofing contractors in the Pittsburgh, PA, area.

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