Metal Roofing for Homes in Lansing, MI

Roofing Lansing MIErie Construction is a metal roofing installation specialist serving Lansing, Michigan. But, we don’t just install metal shingles. We also manufacture metal shingles, help our customers obtain financing for a new metal roof, should they require it, and back our roofing services (product plus installation) with a warranty that’s fully transferable.

The high-performance metal roofing shingles that we use are made out of investment-quality stamped steel, and produced in one of several beautiful styles including imitation thick-cut asphalt, bucolic wood shake, and elegant terracotta tile. As metal roofing specialists, we see firsthand every day the myriad advantages that investing in a metal roof using these products can have.

An Erie metal roof is:

  • Durable – Our metal shingles are Class A fire resistant and Class 4 impact resistant. Plus, we guarantee that they will not split, crack, or rust.
  • Energy efficient – Chances are, after having Erie metal roofing shingles installed on your home in Lansing, MI, your monthly energy bills will begin to go down. In addition to being solar reflective, our shingles have a ventilated air space directly underneath them that serves as an added layer of insulation.
  • Affordable – When you factor in how long they last – 45 years or more – metal shingles actually cost less than an asphalt shingle roof which will need to be replaced at significant expense to you every 15 years or so.
  • Professionally installed – At Erie Construction, we use only highly experienced, factory-trained installers in the installation of our metal roofs.

To learn more about the benefits of metal roofing, and to schedule a price estimate for roof replacement in Lansing, MI, contact Erie Construction.

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