Metal Roofing Shingles in Various Styles for Homes in Rochester, NY

Roofing Rochester NYErie Construction is a home improvement contractor and metal roofing installation specialist serving Rochester, NY. If your home is due for a new roof, then we encourage you to explore the many advantages of going the metal route instead of installing conventional asphalt shingles. For example, a metal roofing system from Erie Construction is:

  • Long lasting – Our investment-grade metal roof shingles are designed to stand the test of time – as long as 50 years. During its long lifespan, an Erie roof will not crack, split, discolor, or rust.
  • Energy efficient – Three-dimensional installation creates a multitude of air pockets between the shingles and the roof deck that function as an added layer of insulation. Plus, Erie metal roofing shingles are solar reflective, meaning less heat will be absorbed into your home during the hot summer months.
  • Beautiful – Styles that we manufacture include traditional dimensional shingle, charming wood shake, and elegant Spanish tile, all made of metal and incredibly durable.
  • Affordable – An Erie metal roof actually has a lower lifecycle cost than a roof that comprises traditional paper-and-asphalt shingles. Instead of having to pay a large sum of money every 15-20 years to have a new roof installed, you will be able to go half a century with a metal roof with little, if any, maintenance required. A metal roof is an investment that will pay for itself, and then some, over time.

For more information, contact Erie Construction today. We will be happy to explain in more detail the many benefits that metal roofing can bring to you and your home.

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