Metal Roofing for Homes in St. Louis, MO

Roofing St. Louis MOErie Construction is a metal roofing shingle installation specialist serving St. Louis, Missouri, and other cities.

Why metal?

We use metal roofing shingles because no other product is better at protecting a home against damage caused by Mother Nature. In addition to being Class A fire resistant and Class 4 impact resistant, our metal roofing shingles leave the factory with three layers of protective coatings that enable them to look “like new” for decades even after prolonged exposure to the elements. Each shingle is made of investment-quality stamped steel and shaped into any one of several beautiful styles (e.g., imitation thick-cut asphalt, imitation shake, imitation Spanish tile). Our metal roofing shingles are so durable, in fact, that some insurance companies categorize them as additional security and offer homeowners insurance policy discounts to those who use them.

Another important benefit of our metal roofing shingles is that they have an exceptionally low lifecycle cost. Instead of having to pay for a new roof every 15-20 years like you do with asphalt, you can install a metal roof now and not worry about having to replace it for 45 years or more. Thus, over time, a single metal roof is actually cheaper to own than several roofs made of asphalt and paper.

Contact Erie Construction today if you are due for a new roof and would like to learn more about the many benefits of metal roofing. In St. Louis, MO, we are also available to perform siding installation, window replacement, walk-in tub installation, entry door installation, kitchen remodeling, and more. Various financing options are available for those who qualify.

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