Insulated Siding for Your Home in Columbus, Ohio

Siding Columbus OhioInsulated siding from Erie Construction can significantly improve the comfort, appearance, and energy efficiency of your home in Columbus, Ohio. The Erie Thermal Wall System, as our proprietary brand of siding is called, is made of a Vycralar 90 outer layer of vinyl and a high R-value Neopor® expanded polystyrene (EPS) backing that is highly effective at reflecting radiant heat. After having the Erie Thermal Wall System installed, your home in Columbus, OH, will not only be less expensive to heat and cool, but also quieter indoors thanks to the powerful soundproofing characteristics of Neopor® EPS.

At Erie Construction, our siding is manufactured to provide the beauty of real wood without any of the associated maintenance hassles like scraping and painting. In fact, the only maintenance that the Erie Thermal Wall System normally requires is a periodic rinse with a garden hose or high-pressure washer. We also produce a wide selection of architectural accessories that can be used in conjunction with our vinyl siding for a more finished-looking home exterior. You will be able to choose from among window trim, corner systems, shutters, gable vents, crown moldings, door surrounds, window mantles, and more – all made of the same high-quality vinyl that we use in the manufacturing of our siding.

To schedule a day and time for us to provide you a complimentary siding installation estimate, contact Erie Construction. We are a reputable remodeler that is committed to providing the best products at the best price. In Columbus, Ohio, we also install replacement windows, metal roofing shingles, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, walk-in tubs, entry doors, and more.

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