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Springfield Homeowners: 4 Good Reasons to Consider Bay and Bow Windows

Springfield homeowners have lots of options when it comes to updating their homes, and bay or bow windows can be a beautiful addition to almost any type of home. If your home’s larger windows need repairs or replacing, this could be a fantastic opportunity to install bay or bow windows for added curb appeal and a bit of additional space that is both functional and comfortable. If you’re interested in bay or bow windows for your home, here’s what to do to know your options and what to expect during and after installation.

What Are Bay and Bow Windows?

Bay windows, also known as projection windows, are sets of three windows that project outward from a home, creating an angular alcove that extends past the exterior walls around the window space. Most three-window bay window arrangements have one larger central window flanked by two smaller windows, and the windows will usually form 15, 30, and 45-degree angles.

Bow windows are a variation of this style that uses four, five, or six windows of equal size instead, creating a more curved projection with an equal arch of 10 or 15 degrees. Combining multiple casement, picture, or double-hung windows in this fashion creates a functional space for a window seat, extra shelf, or even a hidden built-in chest within the wall space below the extended windowsill. The possibilities for customization are endless with bay or bow windows, and they can fit in any home with at least 48.5 inches of window or wall space.

Adding a bay or bow window to your home can offer several wonderful benefits, so consider the following if you’re thinking about altering the window structure of your home or simply want more ideas for your next home improvement project.

Enjoy Much More Gorgeous Natural Light

Bay or bow windows are a fantastic way to bring more natural light into your home. Since the design protrudes outside the home, the windows effectively funnel light inside the home. If you’re considering a bay window with a larger central window and two smaller flanking windows, you could have a solid pane of glass instead of a central window and use the flanking windows for ventilation by installing casement or double-hung flanking windows. Many homeowners prefer the simplicity of a large closed central windowpane, and this opens up many fun design opportunities, like etched glass. A large central window could help with ventilation, too.

Allowing more natural light into your home by installing a bay or bow window could mean the new window might become your new favorite reading spot. You’ll also have a better view of the outdoors and can take advantage of potential energy savings thanks to better ventilation and more natural light inside the home. With the right combination of blinds, curtains, or shutters, you could turn your bay or bow window into a beautiful and functional space for your home that helps you keep energy costs lower. More natural light means less dependence on artificial light inside during the day. Better ventilation means less reliance on air conditioning during warmer weather, and your new bay or bow window could become a cozy place to enjoy the view of the snow outside during the winter.

Add Space to Your Home

Installing a bay or bow window is a small addition with a big visual impact. The protruding design of bay and bow windows creates the illusion of additional space inside the home. They can also make a home look a bit larger from the outside and instantly boost curb appeal for any type of home.

You have options when it comes to bay or bow window installation. Some homeowners prefer to extend the floorspace slightly to match the angles of the windows, creating a bit of extra floorspace in front of the window. However, many prefer to leave the lower wall intact below the bay or bow window, creating an extended windowsill or even a window seat above the remaining lower wall space.

Gain the Use of a Window Seat

Window seats are great additions to a home. They offer a comfortable, naturally lit space to enjoy reading or simply relaxing after stressful days. Installing a seat board at the base of the bay or bow window could also present an opportunity for additional storage. Many Springfield homeowners with bay or bow windows make use of this functional space by adding shelves, drawers, or even hidden trunk space under the seat board. These small touches are functional improvements that boost livability and resale value should you ever decide to sell the house and move.

Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal

Many homeowners look for renovation projects to boost their homes’ values and ask higher listing prices when it comes time to sell. If you’re looking for ways to improve your home before selling it, installing a bay or bow window could be an ideal project. While the construction behind installation may seem extensive, professional contractors and window experts can handle the project safely and more quickly than you might expect.

What to Expect During Bay or Bow Window Installation

If you are adding an entirely new bay or bow window, your installer will need to cut through the wall and build the supporting structure for the window. Placement selection is crucial; the window needs support, otherwise a shoddy installation could lead to structural weakness.

Replacing a bay or bow window is a bit more complicated than replacing a single window so again, find a trustworthy expert to handle bay or bow window replacement. Many Springfield homes already have bay or bow windows that may need repairs; this window style became very popular 20 to 30 years ago. You could replace existing bay or bow windows with casement or double-hung windows but be sure to have a professional inspect the construction of the window unit to check for leaks, water damage, or any signs of structural instability.

Bay and bow windows are functional and beautiful additions to almost any home. Take time to look for places around your home that could be ideal spots for new bay or bow windows, and if you have existing bay or bow windows in need of a repair or upgrade, contact a reliable window installation expert in Springfield to help you.

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