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The Advantages of Using Specialty Windows to Customize Your Home

Have you ever opened a copy of Architectural Digest and envied the unique windows adorning the faces of the homes displayed inside? Although the saying goes “eyes are the windows to the soul,” the opposite is true, as well— your windows are just like the eyes of your home. Windows are one of the first things to grab the attention of guests and passersby and can be both a defining and a differentiating feature in your home’s design.

These days, it’s possible to create and install just about any type of window you can think of to complement your home’s existing features. From more standard projects like a half round window over a living room loveseat, to decorative sailboat-shaped windows for a lake-house cabin, there are no ideas too unique to bring to a window professional. You name it, a quality window manufacturer can probably make it.

Why Add Specialty Windows? 

Here are four reasons why adding a statement window or upgrading your house with multiple specialty windows could be a good idea for you:

Increases Natural Light 

If your home has standard windows, there are several types of specialty window stylings that greatly increase the amount of sunlight you receive. With specially designed windows to fit your home’s required dimensions, stairways, landings, basements and more have the potential for better natural lighting.

Adding specialty windows can be a great way to make even the smallest, darkest spaces feel a bit more open and bright. A few types of specialty windows known for flooding a room with light are:

Round and oval windows. When you have a small or oddly-shaped wall space in a room that needs more light, these windows are a perfect choice.

Cathedral windows. The beams that come through these classic, elegant windows complement any room, but they feel especially fitting for attic bedrooms and studies.

Floor-to-ceiling windows. These windows give unobstructed access to daylight and a stunning view of the nature around your home.

With a skylight, you’ll find an abundant source of natural light and a beautiful view of the sky and any tall trees growing near your house.

Energy Efficiency 

One of the biggest appeals of specialty windows is the ability to increase your home’s energy efficiency, reducing both your heating expenses and your impact on the environment. Like picture windows, the majority of specialty windows aren’t designed to be opened. Thus, they always have an air-tight seal, keeping your heating/cooling in and the elements out. When you’re in a room with specialty windows, you can say goodbye to the discomfort of drafts and the difficulty maintaining consistent temperature.

In certain cases, you could even receive energy credits after choosing environmentally-friendly options. Specialty windows made of quality, durable materials could help you save costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Better Use of Your Space 

When you’re remodeling a space, considering the style, size and orientation of the windows allows you to use space more effectively than the previous architecture allowed. Circular, triangular, and arched windows are all great ways to utilize small sections of your walls that are unable to accommodate rectangular windows of roughly the same size. To begin, it always helps if you have a rough idea of how you’ll want to use your space.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, windows along your southern wall will help you get the most sun possible throughout the day. Do you want to angle your windows away from a mounted tv to avoid glares or dream of bedroom windows facing sunrise for a natural alarm clock in the morning? Or, are you attempting to fit a window into an oddly-shaped corner? Custom windows can help you achieve these window goals and any others you set your sights on.

Makes Your Home Your Own 

Have you ever had the thought that your house is a little too “cookie-cutter?” Whether you’re nestled in a neighborhood of multiple houses with the exact same style, or you simply feel your house lacks uniqueness or a sense of your own personal flair, specialty windows could be the answer to your home design prayers. Statement windows are a great way to make your house stand out in the neighborhood, adding interest and originality.

In some ways, replacing your old windows is like a face-lift for your house, and it can often feel like you’re breathing new life into old bones. This can also be a helpful way to adjust after a move. By infusing pieces of your personality into your home, you can put your stamp on it so it feels more “your own.” In the meantime, each upgrade serves to raise your home’s resale value.

Enhances Your Interior Design 

Although specialty windows add curb appeal and interest to the outside of your home, it’s important to note that your exterior is just one half of the picture. Windows add a great deal of visual interest to the interior of your home, as well. In fact, here are few exterior architectural elements that can affect your interior design to the extent that windows can.
Creating a wall of abstract art is as easy as installing multiple windows of varying shapes and sizes in an interesting pattern. Who needs wall-paper when you can have a floor-to-ceiling window in a room facing a scenic view? When you go custom, there’s really no limit to the creativity you can both display to the outside world and enjoy with your family from inside.

No matter which specialty windows you decide to choose for your home, it’s a good idea to get a consultation from a professional as early in your planning process as possible. Your window professional can help you assess multiple factors that can make or break your vision for your home. They can offer guidance on stylistic choices and quality materials, keeping in mind your space and budget constraints. Together, you and your window professional can bring the window renovation you’ve been imagining to life by choosing the right specialty windows for your project.

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