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The Metal Roof Installation Process for Toledo Homes

Installation of a metal roof is a slightly different process from the installation of a traditional roof. The need for different materials, a different process of installation, and the weather all contribute to the timeline. Here’s a look at a few things to consider when embarking on an Ohio roofing project.

The Formula

Installing a metal roof is not always as simple as calculating your square footage. The formula is usually calculated with this equation:

Metal price + waste removal + shipping + labor = total cost

Factors such as the current price of metal and how far you are shipping the materials can vary, causing an increase or decrease in the overall price of the roof. It may also cause an increase in time to complete the job, depending on the availability of the materials and how long it takes to ship them to your home.

Size and Style

A larger roof will take longer to install. It is a matter of the materials needed and the time to secure the materials to the roof. The style of the roof, how many peaks, and the angle of the roof are all variables factoring into the time needed to complete the process. Your contractor should be able to estimate how long your particular roof will take to complete, but the team may run into some new challenges along the way, delaying the finish. This happens with all roof installations and usually ends up playing out in your favor, avoiding expensive repair bills down the road.

Install Over the Old Roof

Installing a metal roof right over your current Toledo roof can save time and money during the installation process. You won’t need to pay for the removal of the old roof, or the removal of the debris from your old roof. The rules surrounding this come from your local Ohio area contractor, so be sure to check before you start the project. Your contractor should be up-to-date on your local Ohio code. Some areas only allow two layers of roofing before you must remove them, while others require removal no matter the status. But it is an option to explore if you are looking to cut costs.

It is best not to rush a roofing project. Proper installation the first time around means your roof will have a longer lifespan. Give the roofing team ample time to finish the project to get the most out of your new investment. They will get the job done as quickly as possible, letting you return to enjoying life with your new roof.

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