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The Unknown Benefits of Metal Roofing for Hartford Residents

Metal roofs are gaining popularity around the country. Harford homeowners are choosing metal roofs over their asphalt counterparts for a variety of reasons. In addition to aesthetic appeal, metal roofs offer energy efficiency, lower maintenance costs, durability, and long lifespans. Before deciding between a metal and shingle roof for your next purchase, consider the benefits listed below.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs’ reflectivity helps keep the heat from penetrating your home. Often, companies install metal roofs over the previous shingled roofs, which provides further insulation against the elements. Shingled roofs will absorb heat, increasing energy costs. With the help of a reflective metal roof, air conditioning costs will drop after installation. In the winter, snow and ice will slip off the smooth surface, allowing the sun to warm the metal. This process will allow the heat to stay within your home. Studies have shown attics in homes with metal roofs are 15% to 20% warmer than those with shingled roofs.

Low Maintenance

Shingled roofs require frequent maintenance to replace shingles, re-nail, and prevent water damage. Metal roofs require very little maintenance, only requiring occasional washings and debris removal. Every 20 years, metal roofs will need to be resealed, but that will be the only major maintenance required during its lifetime.


Metal roofs are extremely durable when exposed to inclement weather. The materials and coatings used on the roofs can withstand high winds, hail, snow, and rain. Shingled asphalt roofs often require inspection and maintenance after heavy storms. For metal roofs, you will be required to keep gutters cleaned, that’s all.

Long Lifespan

Shingled roofs last around 15 to 25 years on average. Metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years with proper resealing. Manufacturers are confident in their products and often offer warranties up to 50 years. The long lifespan of metal roofs can mean homeowners will only need to replace their home’s roof once in a lifetime, instead of three or four times for shingled roofs.

Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roofs come in a variety of metals and can be painted multiple colors to match your home and surroundings. The look of a metal roof is luxurious and appealing. When choosing a metal roof, be sure you find a color and design to complement your home. The addition will add curb appeal.

Making the Decision

Choosing a new roof is an important decision. Research options available online, then discuss the process with a roofing expert that serving the Hartford area.

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