Insulated Vinyl Siding for Homes in St. Louis, MO

Vinyl Siding St. Louis MOErie Construction offers a brand of vinyl siding that can bring a significant number of improvements to your home in St. Louis, MO. The Erie Thermal Wall Siding System is a next-generation brand of siding that seamlessly blends a high R-value Neopor® backing with incredibly durable Vycralar 90 vinyl that is effectively maintenance-free. With our vinyl siding, you will get the strength of aluminum, the beauty of painted wood, and the low maintenance benefits of vinyl all in a single product that is guaranteed to provide a lifetime of superior performance. Our siding comes backed by a lifetime warranty that covers fading, cracking, bowing, delamination, and wind damage. This warranty is fully transferable and will remain in effect as long as the home is standing.

The insulated vinyl siding that we can install on your home in St. Louis, Missouri, features a Neopor® underlayment that maintains its R-value better than other types of rigid foam insulation. Neopor® consists of high-purity graphite integrated into a polymer matrix, producing a stable R-value of 4.5-4.9 per inch. Compared to traditional EPS (expanded polystyrene), Neopor® actually achieves better R-value using less material. This helps to lower the cost of the product and reduce the size of its manufacturing carbon footprint.

To request additional information about the state-of-the-art insulated vinyl siding that we offer to homeowners in the St. Louis, MO, area, contact Erie Construction. We are a full-service siding contractor that is also skilled in all aspects of window replacement, roofing, walk-in tub installation, kitchen remodeling, and more.

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