Insulated Vinyl Siding for Your Home in Toledo, Ohio

Vinyl Siding Toledo OhioIf you are going to buy vinyl siding for your home in Toledo, OH, be sure to consider the advantages to investing in the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System, which is available exclusively from Erie Construction. This product is guaranteed to beautify the exterior of your home and, at the same time, make it less expensive to heat and cool. Incredibly tough Vycralar 90 vinyl siding is fused to a thermally efficient underlayment, resulting in a siding system with unmatched durability, exceptional beauty, and a high R-Value that simply isn’t available from most other siding products. R-Value is the measure of a material’s ability to stop heat from flowing through it. The higher the R-Value, the better a brand of siding is at making your home more energy efficient.

The Erie Thermal Wall Siding System offers the strength of aluminum siding, the natural beauty of freshly painted wood siding, and the almost-nonexistent maintenance requirements of vinyl siding – all rolled into one. And if that weren’t enough, the Erie Thermal Wall Siding System also comes backed by one of the best warranties in the siding industry. Our NO NONSENSE Lifetime Warranty means that it will be protected against defects of any kind for the lifetime of your house – i.e., for as long as the structure is standing. Our warranty covers fading, cracking, bowing, peeling, flaking, and delamination. Can any other brand of siding say that?

Contact Erie Construction today for more information on having our state-of-the-art insulated vinyl siding installed on your home in Toledo, Ohio.

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