Energy-Saving Vinyl Windows for Homes in Akron, Ohio

Vinyl Windows Akron OhioIf you’re looking for a reliable way to improve the energy efficiency of your home in Akron, Ohio, then put in new vinyl windows from Erie Construction. Our windows have a variety of features that make them effective barriers to heat transfer that can potentially make your home a lot less expensive to heat and cool.

In addition to having durable vinyl frames that never crack or warp, our vinyl windows feature a high-performance glass pack that is designed to inhibit the transfer of heat energy. The Triple 24/7 High-Performance Glass System – which contains not two but three panes of glass – will exceed your every expectation for energy-saving performance. Its three magnetically and electronically sealed panes of glass create two chambers that are filled with a pure inert gas. These gas “fills” are a harmless, viscous gas that inhibits the ability of heat to pass through the window by slowing down internal convection currents. Displacing ordinary air with a gas “fill” is an effective way of taking an already energy efficient window to the next level of thermal performance.

The vinyl windows that we install in Akron, Ohio, are so energy efficient that they have been certified by ENERGY STAR® for their ability to help homeowners like you conserve energy and save money. Though savings vary from region to region and home to home, ENERGY STAR® rated windows cut home energy bills by an average of 12 percent nationwide. Now that’s return on investment.

For more information, contact Erie Construction. We install energy efficient vinyl windows throughout the Akron, Ohio, area.

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