Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows for Homes in Cincinnati, Ohio

Vinyl Windows Cincinnati OhioReplacing the old windows on your home in Cincinnati, Ohio, with vinyl windows from Erie Construction will allow you to conserve energy and save money. Our windows – which feature not two but three panes of glass – are effective insulators and proven money savers. The defining feature of our vinyl windows is a triple-pane glass unit called the Triple 24/7 High-Performance Glass System. The Triple 24/7 High-Performance Glass System has three panes of glass that are magnetically and electronically sealed. After sealing the glass, we displace the air in between the panes with Argon gas. Gas fills, as they are called, convect less than ordinary air, minimizing convection currents between the panes and making it more difficult for heat to pass from one side of the window unit to the other.

In addition to being exceptionally energy efficient, the vinyl windows that we install in the Cincinnati, OH, area come protected by one of the best warranties in the window installation business. Our extended lifetime warranty covers the vinyl frames, all parts, and even glass breakage for as long as you live in your home. Plus, the Erie Construction window warranty is fully transferable to the next owner of your home at no cost to you, which can be a great thing to point out to potential buyers if you ever decide to put your house on the market.

Please contact Erie Construction today of more information about the vinyl windows that we install in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

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