Upgrade to a Walk In Tub at Your Harrisburg, PA, Home

Walk In Tub HarrisburgAre you considering purchasing a walk in tub for your home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, because bathing in an ordinary bathtub has become too challenging or uncomfortable for you or a loved one? If so, you’re making an excellent choice; a walk in bathtub is much more accessible and easy to use than a standard bathtub. Climbing over the side of a standard bathtub and lowering your body down into it can be difficult or even painful, but with an Erie Step-In Tub from Erie Construction, getting into the tub is as easy as stepping across a low threshold and sitting down in the built-in, chair-height seat. Plus, all of the controls you need to operate the tub are right at your fingertips with our easy-touch control panel – including the control for the drain system – so you won’t have to do any awkward reaching.

A walk in tub from Erie has many other features that make bathing safe and convenient for Harrisburg homeowners. Some of these features include:

  • Safety grab bars
  • Non-slip surfaces and seating
  • A swing-in door with an easy-to-use lock
  • A hand-held shower wand
  • Strategically placed faucet controls

Erie Step-In Tubs offer many other benefits, too. Our tubs provide unparalleled luxury with built-in heating and therapeutic jets. They also feature a built-in radio and speaker system, as well as chromatherapy lighting, which can help reduce stress and set a relaxing atmosphere.

For a free estimate and more information about installing a walk in tub at your home in Harrisburg, PA, please contact Erie Construction today.

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