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What Happens When Window Companies in Dayton Provide Replacements?

Dayton homeowners do not have to replace their windows often, so they don’t know what to expect when the time comes. The process is fairly easy, as the contractor will be performing all the work. Below we have created a general outline, so you will know what to expect from your window replacement.

Before Installation Day

Take Time Off Work

Many people are not comfortable having strangers alone in their home, however reputable they are. It’s best to take a day off work, or work from home on the day of installation. If you are having all windows replaced, the contractors will have to enter every room in your home to perform the work.

Preparing the Window Space

Before the contractors arrive, you will need to remove blinds, curtains, or window treatments on all windows being replaced. Many customers take this time to deep clean these items, but that’s up to you! Once the window treatments have been removed, a path will need to be cleared around the window area to allow for the contractor’s workspace. Pull furniture away from the wall and remove area rugs nearby.

Keep the Area Free of Pets and Children

For safety’s sake, be sure children are occupied, and keep them away from window installation materials. Put Fido and Fluffy in rooms that won’t be accessed by the contractors or lock them in kennels.

During Installation

Check the Windows Before Installation

Reputable contractors will check their products to ensure they are correct and free of damage. Still, it’s always a good idea to have another set of eyes look them over. If you requested Energy Star-certified windows, be sure the glass is labeled as such. Check the frames and glass for any damage before they are installed and let the contractor know if you find an issue.

Sit Back and Relax

Since you have chosen a reputable, trustworthy company, you don’t have anything to do at this point. Catch up on emails, read a book, or plan your next home improvement project.

After Installation

Ask for Maintenance Tips

Once the work is complete, talk with your contractor about any special needs your window might have. Also ask for signs of problems and learn what to do if they occur. Your contractor can also provide feedback for you at this point to improve the life of your windows based on weather in Ohio. For example, if you have a sprinkler water stream hitting your windows, he may recommend adjusting them to prevent seal damage.

Put Things Back in Place

After the contractor has left, you can place window treatments and furniture back in their original place. Our customers love this step in the process, because there is always a noticeable difference in the sunlight beaming through the windows.

Call Us Again in 20 Years

If your windows are properly maintained, they can last 20-30 years before replacement is needed!

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