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What to Expect During a Metal Roof Installation in New York

New York homeowners know a new roofing project requires some serious thought and consideration. A new roof should provide your home with enhanced protection against the elements and last several years to offset the initial investment necessary. As a result, many area residents are considering utilizing metal roofing for its superior durability and protective qualities.

Why Choose a Metal Roof?

While traditional Albany homes typically utilize asphalt shingles as a primary roofing material, more New Yorkers are looking to metal roofing as a better option. Why? In short, the area has experienced a near renaissance in metal roofing over the past decade or so.

Once considered a material suitable for agricultural or industrial projects, advancements in the production of metal roofing materials have inspired manufacturers to produce metal roofs that are just as attractive as traditional roofing materials and suitable for residential projects. In addition, there are several benefits to choosing a metal roof over other materials, including:

  • Metal roofs stand up to the ever-changing New York weather patterns much better than other types of roofs. They are mostly maintenance-free and can last nearly twice as long as asphalt shingled roofs. For these reasons, metal roofs often come with outstanding warranties that can begin at 40 years—unheard of with traditional shingled roofs.
  • Eco-friendliness. Metal roofs offer highly desirable energy efficiency to any Albany home. They can reflect sunlight into the atmosphere, keeping the interior of the house cool and comfortable and reducing both energy bills and the impact on the environment. Besides, metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable—unlike most other roofing materials—and can be reused in the future without adding to landfills.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Due to the above-mentioned durability, reduced energy usage, and other features, most New York homeowners quickly recoup the initial cost of metal roof installation. You won’t need to replace your roof any time soon, which means a reduction in future roofing costs. These features add to the value of your home and can help boost its resale value should you decide to sell.

What Can You Expect From Metal Roofing Installation?

If you’ve decided to take advantage of the many benefits offered by a metal roof in New York, your work has just begun. After you’ve chosen a metal roof style, color, and texture, you’ll need a quality, professional metal roofing company to install it and an idea of what procedures they’ll use in the process. After all, installing a new roof is a hugely important task that can affect the value of your home long-term—thus, you must get it right the first time.

So, what should you know about having a metal roof installed? We’ve compiled a list of key considerations, so you’re not taken by surprise on installation day:

  • Conduct research to find the right metal roofing company. As we mentioned earlier, your Albany metal roofing contractor should hold expertise in the area and represent a quality, reputable business. How can you be sure? Before choosing a contractor, compare several options and perform research; this can include reading online reviews, contacting current and former clients, and even asking the contractor to provide references.
  • Request a bid. Once you have a short list of reputable metal roofing contractors, you’ll need to request a bid for your Albany metal roofing project. Contractors should visit your home, take measurements, note any unique roofing features, and then sit down with you to discuss the various metal roofing options available to you (including colors, materials, accessories, and warranties, among others.) Finally, the contractor will provide you with a bid.
  • Ask questions and choose a bid. During your discussion with each contractor, be sure to ask relevant questions. Ask what circumstances may lead to additional costs, how the contractor plans to handle waste materials, ensure insurance and licensing, and other concerns unique to your project. Then, once you choose a bid, set up payment terms as well as a tentative timeline for the project’s start and end dates.
  • Conduct prep work. While your contractor will need to gain access to your New York property immediately before work begins to check for electrical outlets, drop off supplies, and arrange a dumpster for refuse, you’ll have prep work as well. Be sure to keep vehicles, bikes, toys, lawn furniture, and exterior decorative items like birdbaths and lawn ornaments well away from the workspace. If you have landscaping, you may want to cover it with a tarp.
  • Understand what to expect during installation. During the installation process itself, you’ll likely need to accommodate both children and pets who may be unused to the noise. If possible, stay indoors or off-site since items and dust may be falling from the roof; this debris may not be fully cleaned up until after the installation process is complete. While you’ll need to make room for contractors, equipment, and dumpsters on your property, most contractors try to keep this to a minimum.
  • Know what to expect after installation. After installation, your Albany area contractor should return your property to its pre-installation state, including picking up nails and other fasteners with a large magnet. However, anything you removed before the crew arrived will likely be your responsibility to replace. Finally, while your contractor will arrange for dumpster removal, it may take a matter of days for another crew to remove it.
  • Final considerations. After the project is completed, the head contractor should inspect the finished product in your presence. At this time, you’ll be able to make any remaining payment, discuss your warranty, and inquire about any maintenance concerns. Some contractors even include maintenance along with installation, so be sure to request information if this was part of your contract.

Keep a Record to Ensure You’re Protected

Throughout the consultation, bidding, and installation process, it’s crucial to keep your own records as well as a copy of the official bid and contract. This way, if something unexpected should happen in the future like extended timelines, additional maintenance issues, unsatisfactory workmanship, or warranty concerns, you have proof of your original agreements in writing. Successful completion of a metal roof installation project is a long process. Still, attention to the details listed above can help you ensure you’ve received the best metal roof and quality installation for your New York home.

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