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When to Install Your Michigan Metal Roof

The decision to install a metal roof in Flint comes with many benefits, from energy efficiency to increased longevity. Homeowners must also consider the best time of year to install, as this may affect the price. Like many industries, roofing has an “off season.” As you may imagine, prices decrease marginally during a period where there is supply, but little demand. Buying your roof in the late fall, winter, or early spring can save you money.

Wintertime is a “taboo” time to buy a roof, because you may have heard at some point that roofing your house in low temperatures can cause shrinking and expanding of materials. However, this is only true of asphalt shingles – not metal of any kind. Metal installations are doable at any temperature. Nonetheless, many homeowners want to wait until spring or summer. Here are a few compelling reasons to dare to be different and get a new roof this winter.

Lowest Prices

Roof prices can be as much as 10% lower in the off-season, and deals on installation are more common, as roofers need business in the dead time of year. It’s a great time to compare prices on materials, as well. Some materials also go on special around the holidays, or during the off-season in general.

Start Saving Money Now

Metal roofing is a superior choice for keeping warm air in Michigan home in the colder months. Additionally, energy efficient metal roofs will save you money on your electric bill. They also keep heat out in the summer, so you’ll be ahead of the game when the heat rolls back around.

Schedule With Flexibility

Because roofing businesses are completing fewer full installations in the winter months, you will likely have a better chance of getting the company (or even specific contractor) you want to work on your roof when you want them. Scheduling can be difficult in the busy season and choosing a time to have a roofing team at your home is never easy. This can be a huge benefit of a winter installation, if you have a busy schedule.

Give the Gift of a New Roof

The holidays are a time of giving, and you could literally put a (new) roof over your head for Christmas. Wouldn’t your spouse be surprised if you gave the go-ahead on the metal roof he or she has always wanted? Maybe it’s a gift to yourself – something you’ve thought about for a long time. Not only is a metal roof a gift that keeps on giving, thanks to the savings of increased efficiency, it’s also a special, long lasting gift. The roof you select this winter could still be the one your family is living under half a century from now. It’s truly the gift of a lifetime.

If you are interested in a winter roof installation, contact our expert team at Erie Construction today.

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