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Which Doors Are the Right Choice for Your New Patio in Toledo?

You just installed your new patio or backyard space on your Toledo home, and the next step is to choose the right sliding glass doors. The doors should be large enough to see the beauty of your new patio from the inside of the house. At the same time, the doors should also provide easy access to the outside. Of course, they should look great from both inside and outside the house.

There are two main types of glass patio doors: French and traditional. Having to decide between French and traditional sliding doors can be difficult, as there are a lot of factors to balance, from how they fit the style of your home to how energy efficient they are. As you make your decision, keep in mind the following questions.

How much do Patio Doors Cost in the Ohio area?

The first factor to consider when choosing between the two door types is how affordable they are. You want to buy something that functions properly and is great-looking, but also reasonably affordable. Factors like materials and hardware determine how much either door type will cost. However, you can always compare the base price for both styles.

• French. These doors, when ordered as a simple, two-door hinged installation, start out at around $600. This arrangement includes standard double glazing, a stubby, and no extras. French doors with all the trimmings tend to be 10-20% more expensive than traditional doors.

• Traditional. A base, two-panel sliding door installation can cost from $700 and above, but it is possible to find models starting as low as $300. The more panels you want to add to the door, the higher the overall price.

While French doors tend to be slightly pricier, there isn’t much difference between the most basic makes of the two. Both door styles have different starting base prices but can change drastically with modifications and special additions. Consider exactly what you want when choosing each door, and how much you can afford.

Which Doors Are Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a bigger concern now more than ever before. Toledo homeowners are finding new ways to decrease their monthly bills by improving their home heating measures. When it comes to patio doors, the glazing style is the definite way to ensure windows keep heat in the house.

• French. Unfortunately, French patio doors have a design flaw that prevents them from being more energy efficient. While these doors have central glass panels that can become smaller by setting into wider frames, they also meet in the middle when they close and let air in. There is no overlap that prevents air infiltration.

• Traditional. The design of traditional sliding doors allows them to overlap, creating a tight seal when closed. In addition, these sliding doors have interlocking frames and insulated pockets, which makes them more efficient in preventing air infiltrations.

Traditional sliding doors seem to have an advantage over French patio doors in energy efficiency. However, both patio door styles can upgrade to more efficient glass, such as triple glazing and sound-proof, and it is possible to install tint and insulation on both.

What Door Matches My Home Style?

One factor to look for when choosing patio doors is how they fit with the style of your house. Not every door can fit in every home. The best door will fit in with the style of your home seamlessly, while the wrong choice will noticeably clash.

• French. These doors are a perfect fit for traditional homes with a classic, elegant aesthetic. French patio doors go great together with old townhouses, country homes, and similar style. They have a wide range of designs.

• Traditional. The simplicity of traditional sliding doors makes them stick out in traditional homes. However, these sliding doors are a natural fit with newer, contemporary houses. In addition, sliding doors come in a wide variety of colors and materials.

Choosing between French and sliding doors in terms of style is simply a matter of the type of home you have and the aesthetic you want to invoke.

Are There Any Space-Saving Benefits?

Space is something you can never have too much of, especially when you live in a smaller home. Your patio door needs to use up as little space as possible. More space also means it’s easier for people to walk around the doors.

• French. French patio doors have a wide frame that accommodates hinges, as well as a large swing radius. When these doors are open, they take up a lot of potential floor and wall space. French patio doors also affect the placement of furniture in the room or the patio.

• Traditional. These sliding doors have a sleek, one-track operating system that takes up less space. Sliding doors also save wall and living space in small homes and allow a greater amount of light into a home.

While French doors seemingly add dimension to larger homes, traditional sliding doors have the clear advantage in space efficiency.

Which Doors Have the Best Security?

Security is perhaps the most important feature to consider when choosing patio doors. The patio is potentially one of the most vulnerable areas for a break-in, and the glass shards from a broken door are a hazard in such a large area.

• French. French patio doors have the huge advantage of three and five-point locking systems, which lock the doors both to the frame and to each other in the middle. The type of glass used can help resist the elements.

• Traditional. Sliding doors have their own advantage in terms of security. The panels are all fixed to one rail, so there is only a single unit vulnerable to security issues. Strong glass increases security.

Both patio doors have their inherent advantages when it comes to security. The biggest security risk they could present is the installation of weaker glass that breaks easily.

Ultimately, the choice between traditional sliding and French patio doors lies on your needs and wants for your Ohio home. Consider the benefits and weaknesses of each window style and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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