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Why Insurance Companies Serving Columbus Ohio Love Metal Roofs

Many insurance companies provide discounted premiums for Ohio houses with metal roofs. Since metal is such a durable, long-lasting material, it’s easy to see why. Metal roofing protects the home from fire, weather, and leaks. Metal – being such a durable material – is also very long-lasting, which means it will not need replacing for many years. For all these reasons and more, you can save money on insurance with metal roofs.

Fire Resistance

Asphalt and wood roofs are not fire safe. For wood, this is obvious – a blaze will destroy a wooden roof. Asphalt, as an oil-based material, is also quite dangerous. While many roofers treat their asphalt shingles for fire resistance, they are still at risk should a fire break out. Being an organic compound, when a fire does break out, asphalt becomes part of the fuel and can make the situation worse.

Metal does not have these problems. Most steel standing seam metal shingles, for example, are rated Class A fire-resistant materials. For this reason, many insurance companies offer non-combustible roof discounts on your premiums.

Weather Damage

The most common discount available for metal roofs is hail resistance. Hailstorms can punch holes into most surfaces – roofing included – which is never a pleasant situation for homeowners, or their insurance companies. Asphalt shingles and clay or slate tiles can be punched through or broken by hail. Metal, on the other hand, is impact resistant and does not break from hailstones. Only the worst of hailstones can even put a dent into a good metal roof.

Metal roofing is also good for other inclement weather. Metal is a waterproof substance and offers very little room for leaking to occur. Compared to asphalt, metal leaks only when poorly installed – and the fixes are easy as well. Snow slides easily off metal roofs, and since metal heats up and becomes slippery, it also sheds ice easier. Wind does not damage metal roofing either, as unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofs are secured firmly in place.

Erie Metal Roofs

For the greater Cleveland-Columbus-Dayton-Cincinnati area, Erie Metal Roofs is an experienced contractor that offers obsessively engineered metal roofing for your home. Our roofs are Class 4 impact resistant and Class A fire resistant and can earn you a serious discount on homeowner’s insurance. Our three styles of metal shingles offer a beautiful, charming look with all the savings and durability of a metal roof using the finest of materials.

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